A Porto Pino e Top Spot nel Sulcis

Snorkeling a Porto Pino

Porto Pino - Punta Menga

Departure from Porto Pinetto beach, follow the cliff to the left until the corner. Continuing to the left, immediately after the corner, you will find a cave into which you can enter, characterized by two light entry openings and a column of rock (stalactite / stalagmite type) interrupted for a very small space (pass a finger). In the afternoon the light enters better forming beautiful refractions. 

Always follows on the left a cove with a cave at the bottom on the right with multicolored sponges and where you can often find shrimps. Continuing after the inlet, you will find outcropping rocks on the right and shortly after paying attention to the cliff on the left you will find a pyramid opening, it is a bit narrow but inside it opens well, light enters from above, it is the Violet cave, characterized by the presence of rigid sponges exclusively of purple color.

Porto Pino - Candiani

Per arrivare a Candiani seguire la strada principale di Porto Pino senza mai deviare, si raggiunge una massicciata in pietre e proseguire fino a quando si raggiungono alcune costruzioni della forestale sulla sinistra si raggiunge il punto migliore di accesso al mare.  Candiani Area Parking (punto maps).

Snorkeling Top Spot nel Sulcis

Sant'Antioco - Cala Signora e Grotta dei Ciclopi

 One of the most interesting and at the same time easy to reach points is Cala della Signora (punto maps), rocky but with an easy entry into the water. We recommend the path to the right towards the Cala Grotta cliff (I ciclopi punto maps), spectacular scenery and with a beautiful light especially in the afternoon.

PortoPino _SantAntioco_CalaSignora

Sant'Antioco - Is Praneddas e Arco dei Baci

Arco dei Baci, located in the locality of Is Praneddas, is a descent with a rocky character characterized by the presence of a rock arch over a natural pool about 5 meters deep. Swimming below the arch, it is possible to admire suggestive seabeds rich in marine life (punto maps). Si consiglia di lasciare l’auto lungo il sentiero (punto maps).

San Pietro - Conca e Golfo della Mezzaluna

From the breathtaking scenery of the Golfo della Mezzaluna (punto maps) (stop with the car in this punto maps), snorkelers can dive into the water from the Conca (punto maps). There are natural pools carved out of the rock with emerald green water and we recommend the water ride to the right towards the extraordinary succession of caves with internal columns and spectacular transparencies of the Gulf of Mezzaluna.

PortoPino _Carloforte_CalaMezzaluna

Da Porto Tramatzu a S'Ortixeddu

To the south-east of Porto Pino, the first beach to be reached, to the right of Porto Teulada, is Portu Tramatzu (punto maps) o la sorella poco distante S’Ortixeddu (Spiaggia degli Americani) (punto maps), both very beautiful. For snorkeling we recommend the path from Porto Tramatzu to the right towards S’Ortixeddu through a succession of islets and canyons.